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44. The Tufts Daily Comics page

"What's a five letter word for phallus?"

Since NQR has been banned, there have been laments about the fact that Tufts people don’t participate in  enough campus-wide activities. This is false. The Tufts Daily creates a campus-wide activity every day through their comics page.

If you say you’ve gone through your entire Tufts career without attempting to blaze through Sudoku in the middle of a lecture, you are a liar. And if in fact you are telling the truth, you cannot deny that you have, at one point, spent half an hour struggling with a seven-letter word for “Sturgeon yielding expensive caviar” during a solo lunch in Carmichael.

By making us look like we’re busy and don’t need friends, the Daily’s Word Jumble is also a wonderful resource for avoiding communication with classmates.  It’s just mind tickling enough to distract from the awkward silence of an empty classroom, but not so challenging that you end up in tears.

And if you really feel the need to break the ice, you can always chortle at “Married to the Sea.” Hopefully this will invite someone to ask you why the hell you’re snorting into the newspaper (this is a classic pickup line that has been used many a time at Tufts and it is the reason for many of the relationships you see around campus).


19. Nudity

Burlesque Show Flash Mob

As much as Jumbos love dressing up (see #18. Goodwill) and dressing down (see #5.Spandex), nothing trumps prancing around au naturel. While other schools pride themselves on their supposed “naked runs”, only a few will dare leave the dorm in nothing but a birthday suit. The best example of this is Tufts’ Annual Naked Quad Run (NQR for short, “Nighttime Quad Reception” for admins). Every year, on the night of the last day of fall semester classes, participants and spectators gather around the Rez Quad to celebrate their primal urges. Hardcore participants will be stark naked, running lap after icy lap around the Quad. Less tactful participants will be too drunk to function, groping the exposed body parts of the closest stranger. While the latter group is less populous, take heed! Jumbos can walk away from NQR with either pride or shame.

Love it or hate it, NQR -and Tufts’ relative obsession with nudity- is not going anywhere soon. From bare-skinned sprints through Tisch Library to cheeky Halloween costumes, stripping is here to stay.