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42. Symposiums

Listen to me.

“Symposium” is a fancy word for “conference.” And “conference” is just a fancy term to describe a series of lectures. In ancient Greece, a symposium was a drinking party. Whatever happened to the good old days?

Even though academia has taken the good ol’ symposium and crafted it into a stiff event where we “learn things,” it doesn’t mean we can’t still like it. In fact, we love them! Tufts people thrive off symposiums. Where else can we prove our knowledge of the impending water shortage or relations between U.S. and China? Olin? (There’s a language barrier on every floor, so… no.)

In addition to providing students an additional outlet for all their worldly knowledge, symposiums mainly offer students the opportunity to plan things. Think about; how many people do you know actually attend an event like “Our Nuclear Age: Peril and Promise” of their own accord? Kind of a downer weekend activity. Let’s be honest, that kind of event looks much better on your resume than your Blackberry calendar. That very reason is why, at any given time, a Tufts person knows at least one other Tufts person breaking their back to plan one of these events. Not to disregard the efforts of EPIIC or ALLIES, but what if we included the festivities of a traditional, ancient Grecian symposium? Food for thought.


31. Double Majoring

And, like, maybe a dual degree with SMFA. But that might clash with my schedule.

To many of us, college life is all about having fun before the end goal: entering the real world. Secretly, though, college is also about one-upping your way to the top. From the first day of freshman orientation, Jumbos are asking other Jumbos about their plans for the next four years. It goes a little something like this, “What’syournamewhereareyourfromwhat’syourmajor”. Sound familiar? No one’s ever a big fan of this question, so the best way to shut someone up mid-probe is to announce that you’ve already declared your double major in International Relations and Economics and scatter. If you really want to avoid the empty chatter about your academic future, throw in another major as a triple threat. The more the merrier. Languages are good, but it’s important to pick a specialized one like Chinese or Arabic so other Jumbos can marvel at your scholastic prowess.