46. Prefrosh

Please be impressed by my ability to walk backwards

Prefrosh, prospies… whatever you want to call them, pre-freshmen (committed future Jumbos) and prospective students (interested, haven’t committed) are great. We love ’em. Why? They give us a reason to subtlety brag about how great we think our college lives are.

Ranked in the Princeton Review for having some of the country’s happiest students, Tufts houses some of its most vocal students as well. For Jumbos who  are obsessed with Tufts: We like showing off our pretty, pretty campus. We can’t wait to spout off a list of activities we’re involved in. And regardless of how we feel about a capella, we secretly enjoy showing off the Bubs and their mainstream accomplishments. In addition, prefrosh and prospective students give us a chance to justify our decisions to ourselves. In a way, hosting a student or giving a tour is a way to ensure ourselves we made the right choice by coming here.

Prefrosh and prospective students also give us the rare opportunity to feel authoritative. The fact that these students want to learn with us is flattering and it’s nice to be on the other side of the college admissions process. Don’t lie to yourself: it’s self-gratifying to be able to say “don’t worry” when an overzealous high school senior freaks out about his B- in AP Calculus and whether or not this will affect his chances at admission.

In fact, are you doing poorly in an IR class right now? Dragging through sophomore slump? Do yourself a solid. Stand outside Bendetson and point frenetic prefrosh to the campus center. BAM. Instant confidance booster.

Regardless of how you feel about Tufts, it’s hard not to get invested in the lives of visiting prefrosh. After the most selective year in admissions yet, current Jumbos can’t help but be curious. We want to know who are future classmates are (read: do we have any B-list celebrities). Are they smarter than us (numbers say “yes)?  And what about them makes our admissions officers cry? Since we’re in the heat of April Open House, now’s the time to meet these creatures and find out.


2 responses to “46. Prefrosh


  2. Pre-frosh are awesome to take to parties and see them either get completely grossed out and disappointed, or go wild with excitement. And then you can hook up with them.

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