40. Dubstep

W0mp w0mp w0mp w0mp

For a school that idolizes its a capella groups over any of its sports teams, music taste is something both highly coveted as well as severely judged. The same guy who might share your penchant for Kid Cudi might become a mortal enemy when he starts hating on Erykah Badu. Thus, the dichotomy of music taste on this campus has led to separate factions of audiophiles. You’ve got the Top 40 fans who frequent frats, the folksy followers of indie rock who live in the WMFO station, the NECdual degree lovers of Bach, and many, many more.

The one unifier between all these groups? Dupstep, the clean, mean, genre of the new decade. Sure, it’s been around for a while, but dupstep has only recently made it into the mainstream. Consider tonight’s dupstep party in the Crane Room hosted by Midnight at Tufts and a similar party hosted by ATO earlier this semester. It appears that the phat, phat beats of Nero and Sub Focus are enough to bring even the most straight-laced Jill and the preppiest Bub out from their hiding places and into the spotlight. Thick bass, dusty reverb… it’s an audial orgasm for the masses and Tufts people can’t get enough.


One response to “40. Dubstep

  1. Sub Focus is a Drum and Bass producer who has only released a few Dubstep tracks.

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