39. Inclement Weather

© Dilys Ong

Thanks, Atlantic Ocean; thanks, global warming; thanks Wicked Witch from Narnia. All the snow, rain, and sleet is so much appreciated! Not.

When last month went on record as the third snowiest January in Boston’s history, Tufts people were either elated or distraught. As a recent Tufts Daily column mentioned, the former group generally hailed from the West Coast. Indulging their childish fantasies, they built a village of igloos around campus as well as a small series of snow men.

Midwesterners, as the column also mentioned, were the most at home. Though fiercely aggressive at times, the snow storms that caused an early dismissal and a snow day were beautifully reminiscent of the winter plains of Iowa or the Arctic Tundra that is Minnesota. These Tufts people made it known to others that no matter how bad things got, weather-wise, it would never top the wintry hell that their families were experiencing back home. (However annoying, there is truth to those statements. With a snowfall of 26.1 inches in the month of February alone, the city of Chicago is close to breaking an all-time record of Worst Place To Live In Winter Ever.)

Tufts students hailing from the Northeast led the Jumbos with a steady round of complaints. The first few months of 2011 has not spared a soul of leaky boots, moldy socks, and runny noses. And though the onslaught of snow seems to have taken a break for the time being, future shitstorms are always on the horizon. Ex. A) The wind is currently PMSing.


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