38. Friends of friends

*Ethnic diversity*

Thanks to its School of Engineering, Tufts has managed to avoid the typical title of the “small liberal arts college.” …But just barely. With an undergraduate population of 5,111, Tufts is certifiably tiny. Sure, it’s double or triple the size of your average American high school, but that’s hard to remember when you see the same damn kid with the purple parka on your way to Arabic every week.

With the hundreds of student groups and activities on campus, it’s easy to meet a good portion of the student population (in all honesty, if there was ever a TV show filmed about Tufts, it would probably be called The Six Degrees of Larry Bacow). Even if you don’t directly know someone, it’s safe to say that you know someone who knows them. In other words, every Jumbo just seems like another friend of a friend. Ever meet someone in real life and realize that you’ve stalked their profile pictures already? Yikes.

Of course, there are a few Jumbos who could stand a couple hundred more classmates to help fill the bleachers at football games, but the majority of Jumbos are pretty complacent about Tufts’ size. Sure it makes walking into class awkward when you realize you’ve hooked up with your lab partner already, but college is all about establishing relationships, right? Might as well make the most of this minuscule campus and introduce yourself to that hottie in the campus center. Don’t be nervous; you probably have 76 mutual friends.


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