36. Bathroom stall philosophy

Mayer Campus Center, girls bathroom, third stall

Tufts people have wonderfully profound thoughts. Thoughts about academics, race, sexuality, aliens… The list goes on. These thoughts are so great that they must be shared. And what better way to share great thoughts than to do it anonymously (see #10. College ACB)? Enter: the bathroom stall.

Once the Berlin Wall dividing one toilet from another, bathroom stalls around campus now serve as a testament to shared suffering and perseverance. Next time you’re in the campus center taking a piss, take note of the friendly reminder above the toilet paper dispenser, “You can do this!” Or anytime you’re concerned that your genitalia is below average, take note of the artistic impressions Tufts people have left in the Tisch bathrooms. If you ever feel morally bound to voice your feelings about the college hookup culture and are too lazy to attend a Tufts Christian Fellowship meeting or pen a College ACB post, there’s the tally in a campus center stall that keeps track of the “Yays and Nays” towards Tufts’ hookup culture.

As any Jumbo can see, the outlets for anonymous expression are quite numerous on this campus. Want to contribute to the cache of knowledge etched along Tufts’ bathroom stalls? Stick to these rules: keep it simple, keep it classy. And when in doubt, refer to the example below.

“Here I am, brokenhearted
Trying to poop
But only farted”

-Campus center, Men’s bathroom


One response to “36. Bathroom stall philosophy

  1. TheRealCollege website is pretty much just a bathroom stall for your college. Pretty cool stuff

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