35. Googling Anthony Monaco

Why, hello there.

When Tufts’ twelfth president announced he would retire at the end of the 2010-2011 academic year, the entire Tufts community let out a collective sigh. For ten years, Larry Bacow stood for everything Jumbos love about Tufts: hard bods on the Rez Quad.

In nearly every Tufts Daily article that mentioned President Bacow’s impending retirement, the phrase “big shoes to fill” was mentioned or implied. So when Oxford‘s Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Planning and Resources (what?), Anthony Monaco, was appointed as Tufts’ next president, it was only natural that everyone freak out.

First of all, the information provided by the university about Monaco was woefully sparce. He was “born in Delaware”? What does that mean? He works at “Oxford.” Does he have an accent? He has “two young sons.” WILL HE LOVE THEM MORE THAN US?!

Jumbos just wanted to get to know Monaco, after all. But even after extensive Google-ing, the future president remained elusive. When he was announced as Bacow’s replacement, he didn’t even have a Wikipedia page, for Adele’s sake. All that Jumbos could garner from the annals of the internet were a Myspace page for his band and pictures that prove future President Monaco bears a striking resemblance to Eugene Levy (American Pie).

It seems Jumbos will have to wait until the next school year to get to know our new papa bear. Until then, Tufts people will just have to be content with Monaco’s Ivy League education and neuroscience street cred. Oh, well.


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