33. Glee

Get it? Because he's a loser.

Lots of people like Glee (Soccer moms, theater kids, prepubescent girls, etc.)… But what makes Tufts people so susceptible to the charms of voice overs and jazz hands? The answer can be found in a previous STPL post: Tufts people love Glee because they first loved a capella.

Let’s be honest, a capella is the underdog when it comes to musical genres. And last year, when Fox made a TV show about an underdog musical group rising to the top, Jumbos fell and they fell hard. This year, when the show featured Tufts’ a capella group, The Beezlbubs, in the a capella version of “Teenage Dream” any remaining Jumbos who weren’t already sucked into the show choir cult didn’t stand a chance. The Bubs’ single hit #1 on iTunes and has been leading the chart ever since the episode aired on November 10, 2010.

As if the Bubs weren’t already teenage dreams for every underclassmen on campus… Now it’s clear that in addition to a capella, show choir on national television gives many Jumbos awkward erections during lectures in Cabot.


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