30. Voting

There's something so dopey about these little stands.

Voting is a right. No wait, it’s a privilege. No, no, it’s our responsibility! It depends on who you’re talking to, but however you swing it, voting is a big deal for Tufts people. Or at least, it’s supposed to be a big deal.

When President Bacow plugs civic responsibility in all his matriculation speeches and academic deans send reminder emails with voting information, it’s understood that elections are an important event on campus. In fact, they’re almost as popular as Senior Pub Night.

Besides national and local politics, voting at Tufts is almost an everyday thing. The TDC dance that’s featured at the Sarabande show? Determined by voting. This year’s Homecoming royalty? Distinguished by voting. Absolutely pointless referendums that require special elections? That’s right, decided through voting.

On a campus that prides itself on its active citizenship, it’s pretty much impossible to escape voting. So you might as well go out and participate in the most important election of this year: the decision between the butternut bisque and Italian wedding soup at Dewick.


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