29. Halloweekend

Don't mind if I do, Adele!

As with the The Internet, Halloweekend could really go under the category of Stuff All College Kids Like (except the ones in military schools or Christian colleges…). Why? Lindsay Lohan said it best in Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” What’s not to love about that? Girls like being able to live out their secret fantasies of still wanting to play dress up and guys get to reap the sexual benefits. But what makes Halloweekend different at Tufts? Several things:

1. Trick or Treating at the Bacows’ – For most college students, hooking up > candy. But for the few that still get off on the filling a pillowcase with sweet treats, trick or treating at the Gifford House is your kind of thing. Rumor has it that the Bacow’s give out king-sized candy bars to Jumbos in costume. Not a bad trade off for a 53k tuition.

2. Pumpkins via Tufts Mountain Club – If autumn wasn’t already gorgeous enough, TMC makes it better with the strategic placing of pumpkins all over campus. Just a cute little reminder that squash is the most underrated vegetable.

3. Candy Corn in Dewick – Ok, this isn’t special. But it just makes us love our cafeteria homegurlz more.

4. Halloween on the Hill – If you’re going to get crunk all night, you might as well do something wholesome during the day to make up for it, right? Tufts’ Leonard Carmichael Society seems to to think so. Decorating Halloween cookies with little kids is a great way to sort out your karma. It provides an excuse to wear cat ears during the day and it gives you a chance to scope out other warm-hearted hotties before the parties get started. What goes around comes around.


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  1. so in love with the photo.

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