24. Studying Abroad

Wow, this angle of the Eiffel Tower is super unique!

Tufts is all about the global experience. For example, in the ’09 -’10 school year, there were 1,124 international students enrolled at Tufts. From all these international students come different perspectives, which are shared through many student organizations on campus (i.e. African Students Association, Chinese Students Association, Korean Students Association, etc.). All these groups plan events that open Tufts to the international experience, and yet, Jumbos still can’t get enough.

Ranked #3 on the Princeton Review’s Most Popular Study Abroad list, the Tufts Study Abroad program encourages students to leave campus junior year for a semester or two. Advertised as one of the best ways to learn a new language or immerse yourself in a foreign culture, studying abroad is also known as an easy semester away from U.S. drinking laws and other such nonsense. Venturing abroad also gives you street cred when you return home. Although it’s not as bad ass to say you spent a semester in Morocco while at Tufts, your friends and family from home will certainly be impressed. Likewise, it is also important to remember certain experiences from studying abroad to impress others and/or make them jealous.

Exhibit A) “Oh man, in Italy, the clubs were off the hook. Come si dice ‘babes’?”

Exhibit B) “Hang gliding in New Zealand has got to be one of the greatest highs of my life!”

Exhibit C) “Craziest thing I ate? Scorpions, man. Scorpions…”


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