20. Wilderness

Climb a mountain - all the cool kids are doing it.

Ah, the great outdoors. What better way to prepare for Freshman Orientation week than by spending a week in Orientation? In the woods? Enter Tufts Wilderness Orientation (‘Wilderness’ for short, TWO for flyers). Spend five days with seven other incoming freshmen and two leaders hiking, canoeing, or rock climbing on one of the 25 different Wilderness trips and you’ll see why “what happens at Wilderness stays at Wilderness.” …Except not. The best Wilderness stories always manage to find their way back on back on campus in one form or another (See #10. College ACB)…

Although there are other pre-orientation opportunities, Wilderness seems to be, by far, the most loved – from the fun-loving support staff to the frosh who return joined at the hip. For nature-loving pre-frosh with first year jitters, Wilderness seems to be the best cure for Orientation awkwardness. After all, there’s no better way to bond with your future fellow Jumbos than by streaking in the woods together.


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