18. Goodwill

This shirt rulez! This shirt sux..

Tufts people love theme parties. From the creative (Crafts House “Sexy Funeral”) to the mundane (every other frat’s Toga), many Jumbos thrive in situations that involve donning costumes and shaking their groove thang. The key to having fun at theme parties is to follow the theme. Seeing someone at a theme party who is wearing regular street clothes is such a buzzkill. Okay, not really. But you’re never going to get into 123‘s annual ’80’s party dressed in normal clothes. Just sayin’. Therefore, before any themed event on campus, there’s always a mass pilgrimage to thrift store Mecca: Goodwill. There, you will find t-shirts begging to be cut up, dresses not fit for the public, ridiculous hats and ties of all kinds, and other like-minded goodies under $7. For all your last minute theme party needs -be it the C-House‘s annual Halloween party or the rugby team initiation- Goodwill is a one-stop solution. After all, one Jumbo’s trash is another Jumbo’s party-hopping treasure.


2 responses to “18. Goodwill

  1. Yo! Crafts House threw the Sexy Funeral Party, not the Arts Haus (they threw the “Home Alone” Party).

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