15. Discussing Ivy Leagues They Didn’t Get Into

Jess, you got waitlisted at Brown? I am DUMPIN' YO AZZ.

Tufts has a reputation of being a “safety school” for Ivy Leagues applicants. While this stereotype has lessened somewhat over the past few years, a disturbing amount of Jumbos have been rejected by Ivy League schools. Many of these Jumbos, mostly freshmen, like to talk about this experience. They usually either admit outright that Tufts was their 4th choice, or they feel the need to justify to people why they “chose” Tufts over an Ivy League school they were waitlisted for. Come on, now, there’s no need to justify yourself. Jessica Biel used to go here! Yeah!


4 responses to “15. Discussing Ivy Leagues They Didn’t Get Into

  1. daughter picked Tufts over an acceptance at Stanford as did two of her high school classmates–no justification, here.

    • I got into Harvard and Yale and picked Tufts… See how easy it is to say things on the internet when no one is watching?

  2. Denied from Brown, wait listed at Wesleyan. Hello Tufts!

  3. I got into Williams, Amherst, and Columbia, but I chose Tufts!! 🙂

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