1. Dewick v. Carmichael debates

Carmichael Dining Hall

There’s nothing Jumbos love more than a good ol’ argument. Take the legendary Oral v. Cheese debate. Friendships, romances, and bromances have been casualties of this timeless dispute. The debate that really gets Jumbos really riled up is the neverending argument between Dewick MacPhie Dining Hall and Carmichael Dining Hall. Uphillers will begin citing their fondue and stir-fry nights while Downhillers rebut with their International night and the impressive variety of cuisine. In terms of aesthetics, Uphillers have to deal with low ceilings while Downhillers enjoy a more spacey environment. While both dining halls have their pros and cons, both share one major setback: no matter where you eat, you are guaranteed at least 1 awkward run-in with a former hook-up per semester.


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